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Irritating flies invaded wizard's dungeon. Your task is to get rid of them using your ability to send your zombie clones into the past.


  • Goal of the game is to defeat flies (you need to stand on the same tile as they do) roaming your dungeon before they reach their target (blue tiles).
  • To do so you can send your zombie clones into the past. When you do that level will be restarted with additional character fighting by your side. They will process through your moves from previous iteration.
  • Every time you spawn a clone, your life force will deplete. When it reaches zero you need to start ove
  • In turn based world of D&F, every time you move, everything else moves.
  • Ice tiles(light blue) make you miss one turn.
  • Time-bending tiles(purple) restart level but do not spawn a clone.


  • W, S, A, D - character control
  • Left, Right, Up, Down - camera control
  • NUM+, NUM- - camera zoom
  • Spacebar - restart level and spawn a clone.
  • Escape - pause menu

Team members:

  • Daniel "Dante" Lewiński
  • MIkołaj "Miki" Ciesielski


This game was made during Slavic Game Jam 2016.

Jam's theme was "The 90's".

What our games has in common with 90's? In 90's movies' and comic books' plots did not made much sense and featured definitely too much clones and time travels, so we made a game in which you are supposed to send your mutant zombie clones back in time.

Release date Aug 07, 2016
AuthorsDante, mikolajqc
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Download, extract and play.


Dungeons & Flies 32bit.rar 13 MB
Dungeons & Flies.rar 14 MB

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