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World is plagued by really stupid creatures. They desperately try to enter magic portal which they've found somewhere in the world. Nothing will stop them, not even an active volcano.

You're tired of this situation. You decided to use your magic map and manipulate reality through changing your map's legend. Your aim is to became natural selection incarnate.


Click on the map's legend's elements to choose which colour is
bound to an obstacle placed on your magic map. Your goal is to
eliminate as much creatures as you possibly can while not letting them get to the magic portal.

Every creature has 5 health points (HP). When their HP reaches 0 they give up the ghost.

There are four special tiles which you can place on the map:

  • Forest - inaccessible tile
  • Volcano - when stepped on damages creature which activated the explosion by 5HP. Creatures in vicinity takes 4HP damage. Each volcano can only explode once! Creatures tend to avoid volcanoes that were not yet activated.
  • Piranha Pond  - creature which stepped on this tile takes 2HP damage. Creatures tend to avoid this tile.
  • Bear Trap - creature which stepped on this tile takes 1HP damage.

Default controls:

  • Use your mouse to click through user interface.
  • Escape key lets you go back to main menu.

Development Team:

  • Daniel "Dante" Lewiński


WARNING! Programmers art inside.

Game made during Palace Game Jam in Radzyń Podlaski. Event's main theme was "Legend". I decided not to treat the theme too seriously - this game is about map's legend.

This game does not encourage you to harm innocent creatures, be they big or small, stupid or not so much.

Background image of parchment was found on the web. Music used in this game is a subject to Creative Commons license. All rights belong to their owners.

Have fun playing this game.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Tags2D, Mouse only, natural-selection
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button

Install instructions

Download, extract and play.


TranscendTheStupidity.zip 33 MB
TranscendTheStupidity32bit.zip 31 MB
TranscendTheStupidity_Linux_64.tar.gz 35 MB
TranscendTheStupidity_Linux_32.tar.gz 35 MB

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