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Crazy scientist needs to breed his perfect microbes' colony because of reasons unknown. To do so he must illuminate them with his invention - Ray of Fast Forwarding. Lit bacteria tend to multiply faster than others. Your purpose is to direct the ray to microbes resembling the given model to make it take over your colony.

If you do not manage to achieve this task, by either eliminating every last microbe fitting the model or running out of time, the game is over.


Simply illuminate microbes you want to multiply among themself with the Ray of Fast Forward.


Steer the ray with mouse pointer while holding LMB or use gamepad left stick.

Development Team:

  • Wojciech Guderski (Lifes)
  • Daniel Lewiński (Dante)
  • Michał Majczak (Muniu)
  • Szymon Piórkowski (Szymon112233)


Unreal logo belongs to Epic Games. It is used here as a joke.

This game was created during Warsaw Film School Game Jam 3.

Event's main theme was "Time".

Install instructions

Download, extract and play.


Micro_Breeder.zip 18 MB
Micro_Breeder32.zip 16 MB
Micro_Breeder32_Linux.tar.gz 21 MB
Micro_Breeder_Linux.tar.gz 21 MB

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