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Home is where your bed is.
A bed which doesn't ask questions.
A warm bed which understands you better than anyone.

Play as a man trying to find his way to his bed after busy night.
Unfortunately his home's layout looks like a proper maze so achievieng your goal may be harder than it seems.


You need to find your way to bed before falling asleep.
Your character moves towards mouse cursor as long as you're holding LMB.
Pressing RMB will spawn a marker pointing at bed, but it will make you more sleepy.

If you manage completing a level, next, bigger one will be generated.
Whenever you'll fall asleep outside of your bed, game will end.


  • LMB - move towards cursor
  • RMB - spawn marker

Development Team:

  • Daniel Lewiński (Dante)


This game was made during Global Game Jam 2019.
Theme of this event was "What home means to you?".

Install instructions

Download, extract and run.


home_is_where_your_bed_is.tar.gz 27 MB
home_is_where_your_bed_is.zip 26 MB

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